Sunday, January 29, 2012

It's in the Air!

 Since the weather has been so kind to us lately,
Dad thought we should steer clear of the wintery message
and make a new header that was less white and more colourful.

This is what I'm staring at as we arrived at the hill tonight.

 I still was very much interested in Mr. Bionic
and all it takes is a good throw!

 Some people say my middle name is Licker,
but I think it's Speed,
up the hill and

 down the hill,

 digging feverishly for the orb to pop up from the grass...

and when it's making me spin uncontrollably as the ball flips into the air.

Meeting Ellie on top of the hill was a bonus,

 because we charged up and down the hill after her big stick.
Notice who has Mr. Stick...ha ha ha!

Just wanted you to know that I had a blast on the hill this evening
and they say winter is coming,
but knock on wood
maybe we'll have a mild one this year
like we did a few years back...fingers crossed.