Wednesday, February 1, 2012

New Friends ReHash!

At Point Pleasant Park this passed month I met a few friends that I, now, see more often.

 This is another Sophie, an Aussie Labradoodle with thick curlies and a mouth like mine!

 This is Bandit, Ron's recent boss' doggy...we tore around a lot chasing Mr. Bionic.

 You remember Sidney, the Goldendoodle?

We turned out to be really great friends.

 This is Charlie, a Pug, who we ran into a year and half ago.
This is our first encounter since then with...

 Lucy, who was Charlie's bestest friend and taking life a little easier now.

These are my new friends and I hope to meet more.
Life throws curves at us all,
I hope your curves are smooth ones
and that you can manage 
what is tossed your way.
Tomorrow is a big curve for me,
so drop by and you'll see what I'm talking about!