Saturday, February 4, 2012

My Birthday Smoochie!

 Off we drove over hill, over dale
to the place that puts a smile on my face
and I'm sure would put one on yours as well...

 You see this lady baker at 
Three Dog Bakery,
I think fell in love with me.

 She kept calling me over and offering me these scrumptious treats.

 I paid for my 4 cupcakes and rawhide,
then reached to give her a smoochie...

What a special place this is.....

 I was so intense with my rawhide...
so very intense.

There were a few people in the shop,
but really my rawhide 
put me into a trance.

Thanks pretty blond lady...
I'll see you next year,
if not way sooner!

PS.....I want to thank everyone 
for all the 
special Happy Birthday greetings
that you left 
It's hard to believe that I was ever that small,
because now I'm so large that someone's bed 
isn't big enough for!