Saturday, February 11, 2012

Supper and Scrabble with Mary and the Doggies!

Hi Everyone!
Last Saturday night we jumped into the car
and headed down to my Daycare.
~~~Country Critter Sitters~~~
~~~Supper and Scrabble~~~
I like the supper part of that,
'cos Scrabble isn't my forte!

I was beyond excited  when we turned off the road
and headed up the long drive way 
to Mary's place.
I knew there would lots of doggy's for me to meet and sniff.
One thing about this place you can go outside any time you want
you have a bunch of new friends to play with~~~~Heaven!

You'll meet:

Jules~~a blind...Shih Tzu mix
Cocoa~~my best friend....another small doggy mix and leader of the pack
Olive~~a food thief of the top order...yellow Lab
Houston~~elderly...Black Poodle
A Greyhound~~quiet and aloof
Jenny~~chocolate lab...good at High 5ing
others weaving in and out.

The scrabble game put most of us to sleep,
seems that humans love to play this game.
Dictionaries are very much welcomed in this version
and when Mary asks how to spell "defier"
Jim replies with his
"deep fat fryer"
I almost crack up,
such a kidder he is!