Thursday, February 9, 2012

My Tower!

I'm outside my Tower today to sniff the tracks of unsuspecting snoopers!

I know there was someone hanging around recently,
because of the scents that lingered.

I'll check out the other side.
These round places always fool me
because I never know when I completely circumnavigate the whole structure.
All looks the same to me but doesn't smell the same, though.

All's safe,
now for some "nose to ball" action!

Look closely,
I can balance Mr. Bionic on my head!

Such is the life of a Tower Guard,
on sentry duty 
every time I visit here!

If you have a chance to visit my Tower,
it's located in the middle of my park
~~~Point Pleasant Park~~
It's called the Prince of Wales Martello Tower built in 1796.

The center of this map will point out the exact location of my Tower,
in the middle under the telephone symbol.
Pawfect view, high on a hill. to view the harbour
from advancing they have those anymore?