Saturday, January 7, 2012

Moon, Sunset and a Hopping Tease

The trail was lit up today,
as you can see,
with my blond fringe well- illuminated
by the moon on one side and
the sunset on the other.

The video shows you where we were to be able to see the moon and the setting sun.
Also, I enjoy teasing the guys when I first retrieve my'll see!

Jim found a huge pre-sawn log so he carried it 1/2 way to the car
and placed it near a tree to be picked up at another time.
We can use it in the garden in the spring when it's time to get down and dirty
for our annual gardening chores.

I'm sure Jim was in an extra good mood
especially after playing
"try to get the ball from me"
He remarked that the moon was overhead
and these views of the sunset were
facing us.

No wonder he was enjoying himself...
these views would put a smile on anybody's face.