Friday, January 6, 2012

Taking the dune trail

Hi HO to you all....
as I mentioned recently that we had a springlike weather snap
we decided to go to the trail at the beach and 
breath in the salt air and just chill...wrong word....relax! 

 This video is short and sweet and will give you an idea of the great cloud formations
that were lingering over the land and sea.
Not to mention a good ball toss and run for me!

 As we finished the walk I decided I wanted to take a last look at the beach and water...

Soon there will be ice and snow everywhere,
not so much in the water
but on the land.

so he put another view of it here for you!

Listen, I'm having a grand time running the trails
and the beaches...catching my ball and just having
a cool would like you to go to 

KB's blog 

She and her dog K are having a "not so good" time 
with a growth on K's leg.
So many people/dogs love them to bits and 
I want them to know we are thinking about them
while K goes through chemo.

Thanks for doing this....and.....Peace!


  1. Sophie, you're certainly having a grand time alright! You're one lucky doodle!

    We have just been over to visit K's blog - it was not a blog we knew about before and we are so very sorry to read about the problems K is going through at the moment.

  2. Our snow should melt today (up to 46) with another week of mildish weather. I will check out KBs site. Beautiful photos as usual!

  3. Good Morning, Sophie! Nothing like a virtual walk (and run) with you through the tall grasses!

    The pictures are wonderful as always, and I love the weathered boardwalk down to the water, all weathered to a beautiful gray.

  4. What a grand day you had Sophie! :)
    Enjoyed the movie! and of course your wonderful photos :D

    Waggin at ya,

  5. OK, still not getting the "springlike" thing, but the images are beautiful.

  6. Thank you for sharing your day. I love the cloudy skies at the water for photos, but it looks very cold. Do you keep your hair clipped or does it grow out when the weather turns cold?

  7. You are looking as happy and beautiful as always Sophie. I still love that view of the ocean and sun.

    Thanks so much for the mention of us. I especially appreciate it because I am nervous today about the start of chemo... Thanks amigos.

  8. It always looks so lovely where you are!

  9. Love these photos. The new camera?

  10. Thanks for the stroll Sophie. Love the boardwalk
    Benny & Lily

  11. This blog world really is the best for support,friendship and healing....thank you for hopping over to KB's site...they live in a most beautiful part of the world and I only think it's fair for you to witness it. Again, your support always helps!

  12. You have a great life Sophie with your Dads. It´s nice to see you on video. You are so real then.
    Thanks for sharing KBs blog. Very nice there and interesing wildlife camera views.

  13. Keep enjoying the break in the weather. It has been anywhere from -10 to +14 F for the past 2 weeks here, burrrrr.
    We did stop by and visit K !

  14. Oh we just love your photos!
    Total amazing!
    What a world of wonder and love!
    And yes,,, we send all kinds of healing wishes and support to KB and the family.
    Thank you for being part of our family!

  15. I hope K has a complete and speedy recovery.

  16. I loved watching you chase the ball in the video, Sophie! The pictures- just awesome, as always! I love-love-love where you live!! I'm just a little on the jealous side... yup! Enjoy!


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