Friday, January 6, 2012

Taking the dune trail

Hi HO to you all....
as I mentioned recently that we had a springlike weather snap
we decided to go to the trail at the beach and 
breath in the salt air and just chill...wrong word....relax! 

 This video is short and sweet and will give you an idea of the great cloud formations
that were lingering over the land and sea.
Not to mention a good ball toss and run for me!

 As we finished the walk I decided I wanted to take a last look at the beach and water...

Soon there will be ice and snow everywhere,
not so much in the water
but on the land.

so he put another view of it here for you!

Listen, I'm having a grand time running the trails
and the beaches...catching my ball and just having
a cool would like you to go to 

KB's blog 

She and her dog K are having a "not so good" time 
with a growth on K's leg.
So many people/dogs love them to bits and 
I want them to know we are thinking about them
while K goes through chemo.

Thanks for doing this....and.....Peace!