Friday, May 3, 2013

Birch Cove ~~ Pt 3 !!

This discovery has added a new dimension to our lives.
Firstly, I have a new friend.
Yes, you have it right another Doodle.
I tell you they are taking over the world!

Secondly, the exciting part of this fresh water romp ~~~

is that I can practice my tail action 
making loads of fresh water 

When my Dads throw Mr. Orangie ~~~

far out into the lake

I can see where he lands clearly

because he makes his own 

which marks the spot

of my destination

 Here I come Mr. Orangie!

Success and more bubbles coming from everywhere!

Jim says he really likes the calmness of our new lake.

Thirdly, I like the fact that there are more people using the waterways.

This lake is well-known for the paddling clubs here.
This is a kayaker behind me now.

Well-used by many types of watercraft.
This one is a little too noisy for my liking though!

Now this is  C1(canoe)  paddler.

I think that I better get Mr. O out of the way,
just in case, you know!

Here's a good example of the difference:
C1 ~~ one paddler (canoeist) on one knee
K1 ~~ one paddler (kayaker) sitting

This lake is heavily used all summer long
and recently the World's were held here.
Now if I'd been more on top of this
I would have joined in.
Also, now you know why we are so health conscious along these shores.
Imaging smoking with the World's going on.
I don't think so!

So are you thoroughly exhausted?
I did tell you I found something amazing!
Have a great weekend!
I know I will!

Oh one more thing!
our Birch Cove Beach
 is far in the background!