Saturday, May 18, 2013

Foiled by Salad Greens!

Having my salad
without a care in the world
with Jim taking pictures of me
for a change.

From outta nowhere comes
a ginormous/huge/large
Great Dane.
See behind Jim!

Oh Gees!
He sees me.

Here he comes
and I haven't finished my greens yet.

Hope he doesn't trip on that tongue.

Mr. Orangie just keep quiet 
Mr. LongTongue
won't see you.

Oh Hi!
I'm Sophie!
No orange ball here!
Do you see an orange ball?
I don't see an orange ball!

I think Mr. LongTongue
got the message.

Salad Greens,
do it again!
I foiled him,
I truly did!