Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Same, But Different!

While high on the hill I was moseying along and captured the view below....

I met  a new friend...Max, a GoldenDoodle 
with exuberance, youth and pristine whiteness.

It's truly amazing how much we are alike, 
even though we visually look totally different.

We doodle danced and mouthed each other with our paws locked in embrace.
(sounds like a romance novel)

Not really, it's just that Doodles act and play the same,
but can look, in this case, like 2 different beasts.

Doodlemania seems to be spreading world wide,
is that anything like Beatlemania of the '60's?

All I know is I'll sniff out another compadre,
and enjoy that meeting to the fullest
with complete understanding
of what really works for us.