Sunday, March 25, 2012

Satiated Fully!

Oh...Hi...once again!
Sheer enjoyment was all that I could feel today!

 The tide was out (very low) and so I had this end of the beach all to myself.

 Mr. BlueWhistleBall practice was in full swing....

 and I met this little feller and what JOY!

 Mr. BlueWhistleBall triggered my digging hole frenzy (surprise)...

 so I obliged!

 With a quick whip down the beach 

 and a splash to cool off and to wash off 
Mr. BlueWhistleBall,

I was more than satisfied with my adventure and much needed run.
After the hot weather of the passed few days,
 reaching 30C (86F).....
It was not a good idea
to overdo it,
besides I couldn't move even if I tried!