Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Snow Showers!

As you can see  in the top right hand corner
of my desktop screen capture,
the temperature has dropped,
even dipped below zero C (32 F)
which means
~~~bye bye Miss American Pie~~~
(^click ^)
I digress
bye bye sweet summer winds!

The spikey snowflakes cover the emerging red blooms of the Pieris shrub.
This is one of my Dad Jim's favourite shrubs too,
many of them dot the garden.

 Just last week we were strolling through the park
along side my favourite spring runoff brook...

when I ran into this mother of  a boxer
carrying a stick big enough
to knock us all off our feet...

Ron was busy collecting chickadees again....lol!
This little winged feller and a few more flitted about us
looking for seeds or nuts....they aren't fussy!

So when Mr. Boxer scurried off, I watched Ron carefully because you know
what chickadees are like...they can cause
a major raucous and disturb the peaceful surroundings...
like that would ever happen.

You caught me dreaming of last week when life
was warmer and Mother Nature was being kind.
As I lay here on my Baby, I hope this finds you in
a warm world~~~one of
I trust that I have and if I haven't
take a moment and smell the roses
or coffee or toast....mmmmm!
Feel better now?!