Sunday, March 11, 2012

Hemlock Trail Revisited~~~

After driving for an hour and visiting my Granny's grave site today,
a much needed nature walk at the canal was at the top of the list. 

 You may remember my post last October about

You can have a look-see at the link from Dec '11
when we watched the canal and brook in the early winter!

The babbling brook really set the mood and tone burbling ever so gently
over and around the rocks, sticks and mosses.

There is something so serene about this area of the trail walk.
We always seem to stall along this section...
I really think the coolness, freshness and sounds 
of the brook, winds in the canopy above and the sounds of robins(this time)
immediately want you to reflect, and to relax.

Oh Hi...hope you are enjoying
my journey today
and maybe you can feel
what I'm feeling...just a little maybe?! winky wink

To sniff the forest floor just gives me 
heart palpitations...good ones of course.

See the spruce cone I'm sniffing?
Well, it has a delicious smell...outdoorsy, spicy and a bit yummy...
don't worry I wouldn't eat it,
but if I find something more to my liking
well...down it will go!

These glades near the brook are covered in needles and moss.
I truly recommend a jaunt here
or some place close to you...
because every time I soak it up
I feel so calm and relaxed and
that's a lot to expect from an exuberant Labradoodle