Monday, March 19, 2012

Look Up...Look Way Up!

(Sophie in Wonderland cont'd)

While still reeling with fun,
I took one split second to peruse my surroundings.
Got to keep vigilant with your territory
because you never know 
who may sneak up and steal your ball.

I looked high in the air and saw these lines
or what exactly are these?

 Oh I see the humans are flying their kites again!

These are major kites...hold it...
these are kite surfers making their first visit
to the beach.

Giant butterflies...that what I sees!

These peeps really need lots of strong "musk"les
to be able to do lucky they are!

 So with all this aerial display and
digging holes...
it's time to wash my new blue whistle ball and 
cool off.....!

~~~to be continued~~~