Saturday, March 14, 2015


Do you see 
this grade of land?
this hill?
this mountain?
Oh I could go on!
Oh you want me too!
OK then ~~~ •*¨*•♫♪

 Do you see Sophie and Jim captivated by scents 
for HRH
and by the surrounding view 
for Jim?

I digress ~~ this is Jim's view,
a completely frozen bog area
so frozen that it may not thaw until summer.
Seriously, you never know!?!

and Sophie has reached the base of the hill 
and MAGNET-NOSE has discovered this ~~

the complete likeness of  an ELEPHANT'S NOGGIN
so much looking and feeling like a pre-historic mastodon.
But alas no scent,
move on!

So up the hill she continues ~~

 looking over her shoulder to see the frozen bog
and checking out Lawrencetown Beach
for any chance to maybe go for a swim.
Not yet honey!

Still building on the point of all this story ~~
 is Jim following the ice covered path
with a frozen Porter's Lake gleaming in the background.

Time to take a picture of this he decides ~~

 because even if it's winter 
and freezing cold 
and slippery slidey
and so very blue 
rarely do we see such beauty
unless of course you climb up this hill
well, just soak it in!

The beach below doesn't appear friendly yet.
The sand has not returned to cover the rocks
and the green grasses and flowers have not covered the landscape.

Yet none of this means anything because 
well just look at the SMILE on Jim's face.
Something's up!
Something's important!
Something's Monumental!

Come Back and Find Out!