Tuesday, March 3, 2015


We had another snowfall yesterday 
which really was quite beautiful,
all white and fluffy.
See my ear!?!
(Go on touch the screen ~
YES it is just as soft as you might think it would be!)

We edged along the roads to Dartmouth
and ended up at Birch Cove for a energy release
for me of course
and then it all started ~~~

~~~ they couldn't hit me with a snowball if they tried!
HA HA !!

Huh !?! What's happenin'!?!

What are you doing, Daddy Jimbo?

Do you need some help?
I real good at helpin'!

 Some Dads are just nutty
that's all I can say!

Hey, you know he looks pretty good like this
suits him to a T!!!!

Fake grin, Fake grin!!

This is what I have had to put up with all winter.
No sympathy!
I hear ya!!