Monday, March 16, 2015


We have reached the top of the hill and Sophie knows exactly
where to go even if she hasn't been up here 
since early last year. 

I follow Jim and Sophie 
sure-footed in our ice grippers 
with the cliff view teasing us as we get closer and closer.

Peace Out to everyone!
We three realize that this is a
for me.
I haven't climbed this hill since my heart attack
never thought I would ever be up here again.

Sophie keeps the pace up
aiming directly for the edge of the cliffs.
As I have said many times
she has no fear!

See what I mean!
~ as calm as a cucumber ~ 
(oh BTW ~ Jim's school kids used to call him Mr. Cucumber)
I digress again!

Sophie Honey please give us a break, won't you!?
Please come back from the edge.
Oh my my healing heart!

A short video slightly noisy
but will give you an idea
of  the cliff height
and Sophie's lack of fear.

Finally, there is our car along side the highway.
I really am glad to see it
because it means that if anything should hiccup
then I can  be home pronto.

There you are 
"My Nemesis"
I conquered you, again!