Thursday, June 23, 2016


Swimming this morning in the North West Arm
without a Doodle care in the world ~

A two-step was in full swing inside this luscious pink rose

a solo engorgment of pollen by this bee as we stared down inside

so still 
so beautiful 
so Lady Bug 

almost translucent hiding in amongst the stamens

the white roses are a fresh pink before opening up to us

blackberry blooms so crinkly 

I continue to swim
rescuing Mr. Orangie from a fate worse than death.

As I return to the top of the hill 
I hear the buzzing of yet another bee
totally lost in all these blossoms ~

while Jim snoozes on the bench soaking up the beautiful summer warmth
and I take a reprieve from fetching and chewing Mr. Orangie 
within an inch of his orange life.
I do love our summers especially getting lost in the park, 
meeting friends,
listening to the bees
devouring a green salad
anytime I want.
I Love My Summers!


  1. And all of that I can verify, Soph! It was a 'day from the gods' for sure.
    RT.....I am loving your photographic and lyrical interpretation.
    Nice job.

    1. many thanks and it's time to do it again, eh!!!!

  2. Is there anything lovelier than the buzz of bees in flowers on a hot summer's day? It takes me right back to childhood!

    1. As it does to me too, Debra. We discovered this small city beach laded in roses and we were the only people and dogs there......YAY!!

  3. Enjoy Ria x❤️

    1. We are enjoying each day that is given to us, because an ocean climate can change on a dime!!!

      All the best, Ria!!

  4. I can't believe you still have Mr. Orangie Sophie! (or is this a replacement and the guys haven't told you) ;)

    1. Give me a great BIG "R" as the saying goes ~~ I pretend that I don't even know that I lose Mr. O, over and over again!

      My Dads are so good to me, Ann!

      So good to hear from you as always!!

  5. Wow, wow and another wow, that's all I have on this cold old morning

    1. I saw snow down in your parts on FB today!

      Layer yourself and stay warm!!

  6. Gosh, Ron! You photograph flowers so beautifully! You have much more patience than I do; but your results are exquisite! Love the photo of Jim sacked out on the bench. I wish I could light long enough to do that! I'd last about 30 seconds, and then I'd be up and moving!

    We've had a busy, busy week here with the exterior of our house being painted and our deck being refinished. I've been tearing through the garage like a dervish. I expect to have it completely cleaned out by next Friday morning. The last of my beloved National Geographics get recycled on Thursday. Come Friday I'm going to paint the inside of the garage. I have some painting projects to do inside our house, so I thought I'd practice how to paint in the garage. I am not a Tool Girl, but I'm about to learn!

    Nova Scotia does have those gorgeous early summer days. Enjoy every moment! Take care, my friend!

    1. Would love to keep up to you Louise but alas the ol' ticker won't permit me that indulgence. I used to spend hours in the basement or shed or garden or "anything else".

      Sounds like you'll have a brand new abode when this is all over ~ right some perky and smelling fresh as a daisy!


    2. Well, chagrin! Friday came and went, and the garage didn't get painted! LOL I went on a nice long walk in the park instead. Terry brought in our realtor a couple of Mondays ago and threw me into a panic. I was afraid he was going to sell our house out from under my feet, move to Arizona, and take up pickle ball competitively. LOL! But he's slowed down a little, and I'm beginning to believe he's really not in a hot hurry to sell. So I can slow down a little too. Our home is coming along, and I'm getting after things that I've wanted to tackle for a long time. I'm actually enjoying cleaning! I've always done it, but it was one more must do in a long list of must dos. Now I'm deriving pleasure from it.

      Sorry that your ol' ticker has slowed you down, but I'm very grateful that you are hanging in there and improving! I want you and Jim around for a long time! Take care, my friend!

  7. Wow, I love all these shots! Everything is so beautiful and vibrant...and summery. Buzzing bees is one of my favourite sounds of this season!

    1. Oh thanks Martha ~ we discovered many hedges of roses along a beach in the park. We both literally dove into the sounds and colours!!

      Hope your summer is coming along fine!!!


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