Sunday, May 18, 2014


I'm always on the move.
Surprise, eh!
But do you see the green stuff under my feet?

This makes me very HAPPY
much more than you know!

I swear I have a SMILE on my face as I trot through all these fledgling shoots of grass.

They are spreading across my world 
just like a Monet painting.

Deciding to stay out of my path
because they know we'll just trample them down ~~
not intentionally of course.

I'm dodging the blades of grass 
as I scramble along this soft path 
of last year's grasses ~~

as I try to find my favourite type of grass

even in amongst the wild strawberries

but I know the perfect clump of green sweetness

is in my backyard 

hiding quietly and unobtrusively

under the bows of my Star Magnolia tree.