Friday, May 23, 2014


This morning Ron took me for a much needed early morning beach walk ~~~

so that I could get my beach legs back in order again.
Look ~ you can see 2 sea gooseberries in front of me.
As I mentioned HERE these blobs are out in numbers this year it seems.

This video made up of 2 walks today 
AM & PM 
will show you the drama  in the sky
but that doesn't stop me.

In the afternoon, 
1/2 way down the rocky outcrop 
the sun broke through the clouds and 
lit up my my NATURALLY BLOND 'COILS' !!

The skies were heavy with thick ominous clouds
only permitting a moment of sunshine to slip through.

You could feel the clouds pressing down 
as we followed the path.

But as I said,
Mother Nature just doesn't scare me
in the slightest.
She is just too beautiful in my humble DOODLE opinion.