Saturday, May 17, 2014


Oh HI there!
You finally caught up to me
just a moment while I dig this hole to New Zealand !!
Winks for Jean!
(go check her out my friends!!!)

Yes, we are continuing our stroll on Clam Harbour Beach ~

 not Crab Harbour Beach in the least.

Jim has me exercising like a fool,

must be because it's so flat and I really need a workout.

 Mr. Orangie will never get lost in the fog
while I have my DOODLE EYES on him.

Jim seems to be in good humour
no doubt Ron said something so funny
Jim just couldn't contain himself ..... or NOT!!

These little fellers were strewn all over the sand.
Sea Gooseberries are a familiar sight 
on the beaches this time of year.

Not only do we find those little gems 
looking like jellied diamonds all over the beach but ~~

as I discovered very unexpectedly that life can turn the other way very quickly

Daddy Jim is pointing at a carcass behind him
and which I am heading over to sniff.

A seal offered up by the ocean
and without a moment's thought we scooped each other up
and departed from this area.

I know folks what you are thinking
but guess what I did not sniff it,
I left it alone.
Aren't you proud of me?

Such is the way of life and death on a beach.
I have witnessed so many things as I saunter along our sandy beaches,
but today was a milestone
because I left the beach without a whiff of a scent of seal on my coat.
Years ago I would have dove onto it.
Does that mean I'm growing up?
Me thinks so!


  1. Sophie, get that GPS out and fathom out the way down here, but I expect all three of you to visit!!Super beach, ( I think I over-use the words super!!) fog, and a dead seal, hope he returns to the ocean at some stage. Hugs to all, Jean. p.s. I'll look at the sand next time we go to the beach and see if a hole is starting to make its way out of our sand from your place.

    1. Don't be surprised because miracles can happen ~~ I DO BELIEVE IN MIRACLES ~~ always have!!

      Fog ~~ always excites me even in the cities ~~ don't know why but I do enjoy a good stroll!

      I returned from an overnight stay at daycare yesterday and now I can go to the beach and start my drilling process for New Zealand!

      DOODLE ~~ YAYS!!!

    2. PSST!! ~~ I linked your blog ~~ my mixed up Doodleness forgot ~~ oh my!!

  2. We smell the sea air looking at your pictures.

    1. The salt in your lungs is so GOOD for you, what more can I say!!

      Oh yah ~~ HUGS!!!

  3. Be careful Miss Sophie,did you see the movie The Fog?
    Jane xxx

    1. No but the guys told me about it!!

      Tail between legs for the 1st time here!!!

  4. I love those foggy beach shots. The sea gooseberry is such a beautiful and interesting creature.

    1. Yes, the sea gooseberry had us intrigued as soon as we saw the 1st one and then many many more. We thought they were baby jellyfish but I guess they aren't.

  5. Sophie, what a great walk today on the foggy beach. You made my morning sharing Ron's super photos. I'd love to see one of those tiny opaque Gooseberries. That seal must have given off such a strong "perfume" - you are really a good girl to let it be!

    1. That's exactly what we expected re: Seal Aroma, but there wasn't any and that's why I was a very GOOD GIRL ~~ chances are if we had stayed any longer I'd be covered in "CANAL EAU SEAL #5"

      If you ever have a chance to study the sea gooseberry take a moment, it's quite intriguing!

  6. You have the best beaches there, I just love it when the fog rolls in. Our sunny beaches here in So. California are pretty boring in the summer, but a little bit like yours in the winter.

    1. I would give anything to walk on your So. Cal. beaches any time of year, any time of day ~~ the guys have walked on Oregon's beaches and they say they LOVED it!!!

  7. Wow Soph we are proud of you ~ you are growing up , not going near that !
    ( not Gabby T Terrier she would have gotten lost in it ~ phewie)
    You REAlly do have the most interesting outings Soph !!

    1. Hey Ho ~~ I am the "proud roller around in carcasses" ever since day 1 ~~ I really think this time around Mother Nature was in the guys favour and blew the stench in the other direction.
      I heard them mumbling something about "you can't trust her" ~~ not me !!!!!!!!

  8. Those sea gooseberries are neat! A new Creature for me!
    Good girl, Sophie.

    1. We've seen them all our lives Terry, but never really knew what they were until blogging started and we had to do some research.

      YAY for blogging!!

  9. Hi Y'all!

    What a great beach walk y'all had! Those sea gooseberries look sort of like a miniature version of what I've heard my Human call "jelly fish"...have to ask them what the difference is...if they know...which I doubt...the gooseberry is much smaller.

    Our star magnolias have been blooming for awhile. They are in full flower now. You certainly have a beautiful blossom. We lost our youngest star magnolia last winter.

    Y'all come by now,
    Hawk aka BrownDog

    1. I at first thought the little round globule was a jellyfish newbie, but soon found out it wasn't. Peeps pick them up and I was so nervous about stinging etc. Nope none of that.
      Our magnolias are slowly getting bigger. Our yellow one grows very wide so Ron cuts it back along with another white one wiht a beautiful maroon center.
      Love those magnolias!!!

  10. One day soon, Jim will be in a T-shirt withOUT a scarf! Thanks for the great photo and link. I had never heard of or seen a sea gooseberry.

    1. I will hold you to your prediction, Mitch!!

      Heat some heat is all we ask for!

      Isn't that like feller quite unusual?


  11. Me and Nellie will keep an eye and ear out for you when you arrive in New Zealand. Drop by and see Us in the sunny Mangamahu valley. Love Nellie and Jasper, the two bestest maremmas in all the land.

    1. Welcome aboard mateys!
      So DOODLE HAPPY to have you jump on board. I would love to visit New Zealand some day and we can run all over the place and get quite exhausted. Sound good to you?

      Sophie *snoozing* Doodle here!!

  12. What lovely foggy shots. And how lucky you are to have the beach to yourselves!

    1. We are so fortunate to have beaches for own pleasure here in Nova Scotia. Many many beaches w/o a soul on them. The fog adds to the pleasure as ell, Fiona!



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