Saturday, May 3, 2014


Drawing you into my garden 
I hope is as easy as this with my Bloodroot (white) ready to bloom 
and my blue Scilla Siberica  and cobalt blue William and Mary
ready to cover everything.

I'm feeling extra super close to Ron today.....just because!

With the bloodroot in full bloom
a pressie / hug for Ron
I know he's very happy.

I can see his face as he takes my picture and the 100's + flower pics.

White Scilla bloom first and pop up in those places you forget about!

Not leaving my buddy alone today!

Heath is in bloom and the bokeh in the shrubs
just makes it that much more magical.

Daffs lots of daffs!!

I sniff this old reliable with their sturdy stems and clean lines.

Then greet Jim with some DOODLE LOVE too!
What did you get at the grocery store today!?!