Sunday, June 19, 2011

SUN is shining, finally!

 From out of nowhere, the sky opened up and the sun came shining through!
 All I heard was...Let's go to MacDonald Hill and
 take in the sun and the view.
 Of course, I was game,
 going for a car drive 
 and taking in a romp on the hill above one of our favourite beaches.
 You can see Jim behind me videoing our quick jaunt.
 He likes to tease me with his "come get me, Sophie" all the time.
 Spur of the moment outings can really produce some special moments 
like this one of me sniffing an old fire pit 
Jim videoing surfers.


  1. Sophie how I would have loved to enjoy the day with you and your Dad's--I don't think there's anything better than enjoying a sunny day in a place with amazing beauty and YOU!

  2. glad you had a good day Sophie....

  3. It looks like you had a perfect day at a perfect place! I like that spot, I'm sure you never tire of going there! Nice shots of you, Girl!

  4. Oh Sophie, you have the most wonderful adventures!!!

  5. Send some of that sun westward to us in Edmonton! It's been so rainy and grey here lately!

  6. Your playground is so beautiful!

  7. Looks like a beautiful place to romp and enjoy the surf. Looks like you had a great time out in the wild blue wonder Sophie. Thanks for sharing your adventures!

  8. Hurray for the sun!!!! Hope it sticks around for awhile.

    Your pictures are so vivid.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Kendra & Bella

  9. What a beautiful day you had, Sophie! We're so glad the sun was shining for you!

    Love ya lots
    Maggie and Mitch

  10. There you go again, Sophie... you always visit the most beautiful places!

  11. Sounds like a wonderful day, Sophie. Hope you and your Dads have many more during the Summer ahead.

  12. Wow! Kim said it well - "amazing beauty".

  13. You had a great day!
    We are happy for the sun...
    Amazing shots... as always! =)

    Have a nice week!

  14. Jim or Ron or Jim. What is the temperature up there? You always have on jackets...does it every get warm? Beautiful scenery! (and of course Sophie is a pure pleasure to look at).

  15. Sophie! I believe this is my first comment to you. I love your blog (maybe even as much as Jim's, but don't tell him that!)

    What a beautiful day and gorgeous scenery. Love, love seeing it from your point of view. :)

  16. Hi Sophie! Beautiful east coast beaches...Bunny sent us and we are looking forward to following your adventures.
    Beckett, Veil and Maddy

  17. I'm so glad that the sun shined, and we got to see the beautiful green grass with the water and waves behind it. Spectacular photos, as always!

  18. Sophie
    I love your sun,, I love your hills, I love your ocean waves,, I love your grassy slopes.. and I love you!

  19. What a gorgeous area to explore! Beautiful photos. Looks like so much fun! :)

  20. Sophie girl - you have such a wonderful place to play and romp! Looks like you are having some serious fun there!! It's great to see the beautiful places that you visit - Jim is a fabulous photographer~~



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