Saturday, June 4, 2011

Yeah....the sun is shining for a whole day!

 What a fantastic day we are having!
 The sun is brillant, the beach is all ours and I can run forever.
Grabbing Mr. Orangie is my specialty and
 guess what, I'm not totally destroying the ball with every catch.
 Today is the perfect day to rejuvenate the mind and soul...
after a long, wet month of May.
Even a horse took advantage of the low tide. 
 Sniffing the tracks was so easy 'cos they were so visible.
 What you are witnessing is a first with Jim testing the water so early in the season.
 The water is mighty chilly and won't warm up until late July...
 this fact doesn't bother me in the least
since I am a magnet to water and really don't feel the temperature.