Friday, June 24, 2011

Say What!?

Hey Jim! You listening to me?
What do you think of this view today? See the helicopter overhead?
Well, it didn't deter me from going for a swim in the Northwest Arm.
The water is looking pretty good to me!
It would look pretty good on you, Jim, if I could reach you.
How do you like this effect?
This side of the park is calmer...peaceful because it faces south and west, no north winds biting my tail.
Loads of benches for doglovers and lovers to use...winky wink!
You just might see the stream on the right. It's a spring run off...
and here it is dripping over this rock from a leaf.
And Jim did you see the inukshuk? It's just below the tree and to the right. Cool!
I wanted you to know that I really look forward to this park walk.
Imagine 90 per cent of  the park is off-leash!
What more could a doodle ask for!