Monday, June 13, 2011

Another Canal Swim~~~~

Look who's all wet again!

 We picked up Pops on Sunday loaded him into the car and headed up to the Valley for lunch.
 We have gone there a couple times this spring, 
but Pops needed an outing and why not go to a good food joint.
 Everyone had large smiles on their faces coming out of the cafe/restaurant,
which meant only one good thing to me....CANAL upper cases letters!
 I had to show off for Pops 'cos he wanted to stay in the car.
 He was afforded a great view so that worked out perfectly.
Fresh water makes my hair clean and shiny, don't cha know!
Pops, so enjoyed the excursion and if you were wondering
I did try to shake on him.
He's petty fast with the car window.
I'll get him next time, for sure.