Saturday, June 25, 2011

Stink Remover Swim at Seaforth Beach!

 Yesterday while on our way to the supermarket/grocery store,
we stopped at Seaforth Beach for a quick swim.
Actually, what the real reason for the water submergence was to remove
the stench I picked up from rolling in something... somewhere...not telling...winky wink!
 Notice how the beach drops off quickly!
 We and the humans have to be super careful for undertows/rip currents here.
 Last year we visited this beach just after Hurricane Earl arrived.
 Today the beach is relatively calm and so no worries with me going out there.
 See these waves are harmless, but sure sound nice.
 Check out the impish look in my eyes.
I do this when I start teasing the guys.
They are so easy!
 Just try and catch me....dare ya!
 Come on...!
I thinks the guys have fooled me long enough
with this swim/bath session.
WELL, the laughs on me...!
It didn't work and when I got home...
guess who ended up in the tub blowing bubbles....winky wink!
Ron and!