Sunday, June 19, 2011

H2O, Water, Liquid,Rain,Moisture!

This edited picture shows Ron and I standing beside one of our picnic areas 
which has succumbed to a deluge of water.
 You can see the reflections of the trees and table clearly. 
This area at the park is normally a beautiful green lawn.
 Up the hill and around a few corners near the heather beds, we like very much,
was more water at the foot of a park bench.
 I am surveying the situation
 and before anything is done
 I must prance up and down the newly found puddle to make sure it's fine for other 4 leggers to use.
 This humongous puddle/pond developed instantly it seems,
and I prefer these larger ones because I can get completely dosed in water.
and besides, 
since I'm 1/2 way through my walk
I figure I should be 
pretty much
rinsed off 
when I reach the car.
As they say,
it's like killing
two birds with one stone.
I'm Happy
the Guys are Happy.