Sunday, June 12, 2011

Why not continue a good thing!~~~

 I really needed some time to take in the garden,
 because there was so much to see...up close as well...
 My neighbours, Max..Pug and Milo..mix Shih Tzu weren't out last night...
 so I guess we won't be cavorting up and down the fence as we often do.
 These look edible, right....not really...pretty but tasteless.
 Moon maple seems to be enjoying the late evening rays.
 This rhododendron is drenched in blooms this year
 and high above the lilac bush is this bloodgood maple catching a glint of sun.
So, I thought I should tell you
Jim came home early the next morning
guess what he did?
He planted 5 barrels of beans...
now that deserves a