Thursday, June 30, 2011

Mill Cove Beach

 We departed from the Trellis restaurant and headed down the Blandford Peninsula to Mill Cove Beach.
Last year I came nose to nose with a loon while swimming there.
Click the links just above to see (the map and the loon)!
 I jumped out of the car and look what I found at one end of the beach!
 A fresh water pool flowing into the ocean.
 Some enterprising soul dammed the flow and made a pool for peeps and doggy's to cool off.
 I paddled around with Mr. Orangie for quite some time, while Jimbo reinforced some heavy leaking spots.
 This view shows the breadth of the water flow and a church in the background,
as Jimbo and I toddle off to find sea glass.
 But look who found us...Nova...a little something or other.
 We tore up the beach with all the excitement of two friends on a summer day at the beach.
We zigzagged in the sand....twirled a few times and charged through the fresh water flow.
This was just about a perfect moment for me!
Who am I kidding...!
It was the best time I've had in a dog's age!