Thursday, June 30, 2011

Mill Cove Beach

 We departed from the Trellis restaurant and headed down the Blandford Peninsula to Mill Cove Beach.
Last year I came nose to nose with a loon while swimming there.
Click the links just above to see (the map and the loon)!
 I jumped out of the car and look what I found at one end of the beach!
 A fresh water pool flowing into the ocean.
 Some enterprising soul dammed the flow and made a pool for peeps and doggy's to cool off.
 I paddled around with Mr. Orangie for quite some time, while Jimbo reinforced some heavy leaking spots.
 This view shows the breadth of the water flow and a church in the background,
as Jimbo and I toddle off to find sea glass.
 But look who found us...Nova...a little something or other.
 We tore up the beach with all the excitement of two friends on a summer day at the beach.
We zigzagged in the sand....twirled a few times and charged through the fresh water flow.
This was just about a perfect moment for me!
Who am I kidding...!
It was the best time I've had in a dog's age!


  1. Sophie - you always have THE best time at the beach! Looks like you ran your pretty littlelegs off with your new friend. Love seeing your new picture on the blog header - you are such a pretty girl~~


  2. That's pretty neat, Sophie! And I see Jim is in short sleeves, so the weather must have been neat, as well!

  3. I like your new blog header photo -- "Sophie among the Timothy."

  4. Summertime and the living is easy...

    Happy, Waggin' Tails, FUREVER!
    Stumpy and me

  5. You really did have a perfect day, didn't you Sophie? I'm glad that you found a friend to run and play with.

  6. Yes a hot day was enjoyed by the TRIO!

  7. You know, Sophie, I agree with you. I had an amazing case of the zoomies yesterday too. There's nothing more refreshing!

  8. Beautiful fun day on the beach, Sophie.

    Really like your header pic!

  9. Looks delightful! And I'm with Sally, I love the new header picture.

  10. ahhh...beautiful Sophie in beautiful Nova scotia

  11. How nice to have a fresh water pool, right there. Why is it so reddish in color? Iron or ??? Looks like you had a great time tearing up the beach with your friend!

  12. Sophie we live to see your beautiful beaches
    Benny & Lily

  13. Sophie, another lovely day to enjoy! I'm so exhausted this week, that I would love to be able to sit and enjoy it with you!

  14. Water, a wonderful place to run AND a new friend! Bliss!

    XXXOOO Daisy, Kendra & Bella

  15. Your very own private pool, Sophie, and we bet the water was warmer too! You sure have the best fun!

    Love ya lots
    Maggie and Mitch

  16. looks like a greaat place to play...and romp...

  17. Looks like a mighty fine time, Miss Sophie.

  18. Well Sophie, that looks just blissful! What a great day :) WOOFS and WIGGLES for a great weekend!

    ~nugget & Oscar

  19. I am so Jello! That place looks like paradise! :D

    Waggin at ya,

  20. What fun you had. Is it the lumber that gives the water a brown tint?

  21. Gosh Sophie,,
    What HAPPY DAYS you have!
    You and your friend are so cute running together


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