Wednesday, June 1, 2011

t'other side......! cont'd twisted my arm paw...!
I'll show you!
Here's Jim walking down the path which I already swooped down sec's earlier!
 Looks like someone is heading out, even if it's foggy.
Here's a tiny little beach we found last year hidden in the park and rarely used...
 except for us now!
Finally, I was able to dunk myself with Mr. Orangie.
 With all those boats over there and a new house being built...I had this whole area to myself.
Fine with me....this is my secret and now it's yours!
 Psst...the guys go snakey over blue sea glass...even big one's like this!
 Up the hill and heading toward the car...this view is to the left and
 this view is to the right....look who's calm now...
and sleeping like a log all night.
Hope you liked our short sojourn to "t'other side" of the park.
I'll take you there, again, when the sun is shining
and it is actually doing that right now...finally!!!