Monday, June 27, 2011

Ferns with "Just" a Touch of Moonlight!

 This morning while under the Japanese Maple (yes, another one, for those counting)....
 I slipped under the fern leaf canopy,
 trying to locate my own, would you believe, grass for munching.
 With the monumental amount of moisture we've had this spring,
 I have to search very carefully,
 sniffing the trail for my reward.
 I won't tell you exactly where it is under all this greenery
 because a girl has to have some secrets, right ladies!
 I, now, know that the pink perennial geraniums are close by as a marker...
 and just beyond them,  is the rocket flower and Star of Bethlehem.
For those that remember where the tool shed is, well, now you are very close to my cache.
 After sating myself on greens, I ventured up the deck to view the Moonlight Clematis.
The vine is covering one end of the driveway entrance this year.
With all the prominence of green, a wee bit of white just seems to perk up the view.
So, don't forget to keep the fern trail "hush, hush" lovelies!


  1. You live in my kind of yard, Sophie, practically no grass, therefore, nothing to mow. Your Dads are wonderful gardeners who have made a green and lush paradise.

  2. Wow, Sophie! We can't believe how lush it is where you are! So beautiful!!

    -Gizmo, Bart and Ruby

  3. You do have a special place there, Sophie! All those ferns and flowers, it's a place for the Princess you are!

  4. Wow! How gorgeous your garden is!

  5. What a lush and lovely garden. So many good places to bury bones and toys. Do you do that, Sophie?
    Everytime Mom gardens, she digs up dog treasures..heehee!

    Wyatt and Stanzie

  6. Sophie, could you send your gardener over to fix up our yard, please? Your garden is absolutely beautiful!


  7. No worries Sophie,, I will keep your secret forever.
    I love all that green and beautiousness,
    yes,,hush,, its a secret,

  8. What lovely pics. And so much greenery everywhere.

  9. We'll never tell.....unless someone offers us a treat.

    Your garden looks so lush and beautiful.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Kendra & Bella

  10. We see lots of hiding places to stay cool for the summer! Your spot in the world is just magnificent, Sophie!

    Love ya lots,
    Maggie and Mitch

  11. What a gorgeous backdrop Sophie! You must feel like you're on a jungle adventure in there! Fun! :D

    Waggin at ya,

  12. What a beautiful place, where you live!! Careful! Don't get any bugs or ticks on you. And don't get into anything smelly either... :)

  13. Sometimes we can't find Sophie because she is so intent on finding her grass to nibble on. She is usually under some shrub or plants 'grazing away'.
    Imagine if we had a lawn?

  14. We won't tell your secrets, Sophie!

    But I do still wish I could wander in your garden, with you. What an oasis it is.

    Yeppers, the ferns are loving' all the moisture of this early summer. They want to take over, beside our front steps. I really have to keep them at bay, somewhat.

    Oh and we had Fiddle Head Ferns for dinner one night. No, not from here. We bought them. :-)


  15. Beautiful! I love a Japanese maple... unfortunately ours was broken in a big snowstorm, but it's fighting its way back!

  16. That was like Jurassic Park! m.

  17. Is that your garden Soph? What a beautiful mix of foliage you have to play with. It looks truly explorable!

  18. It's a primeval rain forest!

  19. Oh my goodness! What a grand garden to explore and play in. I love it. You guys never cease to amaze me : )

  20. Oh my Sophie - I love all those beautiful ferns! Your backyard is the perfect place for you to play. You are a very lucky doggie girl~~


  21. Your yard is so beautiful. Funny that grass is so hard to find. Most yards are covered with it. But I prefer yours!


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