Monday, June 27, 2011

Ferns with "Just" a Touch of Moonlight!

 This morning while under the Japanese Maple (yes, another one, for those counting)....
 I slipped under the fern leaf canopy,
 trying to locate my own, would you believe, grass for munching.
 With the monumental amount of moisture we've had this spring,
 I have to search very carefully,
 sniffing the trail for my reward.
 I won't tell you exactly where it is under all this greenery
 because a girl has to have some secrets, right ladies!
 I, now, know that the pink perennial geraniums are close by as a marker...
 and just beyond them,  is the rocket flower and Star of Bethlehem.
For those that remember where the tool shed is, well, now you are very close to my cache.
 After sating myself on greens, I ventured up the deck to view the Moonlight Clematis.
The vine is covering one end of the driveway entrance this year.
With all the prominence of green, a wee bit of white just seems to perk up the view.
So, don't forget to keep the fern trail "hush, hush" lovelies!