Saturday, June 11, 2011

Evening Garden Stroll~~~~

This evening Jim had to leave to stay over night with his father.
He goes every Friday night to provide companionship and support for Pops.
 The brothers and sisters all take a night and it works out perfectly.
 So, I have to take care of Ron,
 'cos there are responsibilities that need to be taken care of here as well.
 The garden needs to be tended to with all the plants in bloom now...
 The nursery beds are doing well.
 I check them out all the time because they soon will have my favourite plant growing...
 that would be green beans.
I really enjoy my greens
green beans 
are at 
the top of the list.


  1. ^5 Sophie! The garden wouldn't be nearly as attractive without you in it!

    Happy, Waggin' Tails, FUREVER!
    Stumpy and me

  2. OK! I hear you Sophie! But you have to remember to 'save' some for your Dads.

  3. Pops is lucky to have the loving, caring children, which he does!!!


  4. What a wonderful sea of flowers - so pretty!

  5. Love that last photo -- its title should be "Sophie Stands On Guard For Thee!"

  6. Sophie, you look SO sad in that picture and that Jim is away for the night. Think how happy you and Ron will be to see him in the morning! He and his sibs are furry nice to care for your Pops!! Maybe you'll get a yummy breakfast!

    -Gizmo, Bart a d Ruby

  7. Cindy and Stumpy have a point. The colors of your coat accent the green in the garden perfectly. It would all be nothing without you.

  8. Bet you are in 7th heaven walking around in your garden! It's so beautiful and I'll bet it isn't hot either!

  9. Sophie you are such a big help to your nice that they have you there to watch over things...

  10. That garden is growing beautifully with your tender care. We're sure you'll take just as much care of Ron.

    We hope your Grandpa is feeling better...and enjoying his kids' support.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Kendra & Bella

    We love green beans, too.

  11. You're an excellent helper in the garden, Sophie! We love green beans too!

    Love ya lots
    Maggie and Mitch

  12. Something tells me that you're an excellent helper Sophie. Lovely photos.

  13. your yard is absolutely beautiful
    Benny & Lily

  14. Sophie, it's a good thing you're always there to take care of things! looks like you've been doing a very good job, as the garden is lovely.

  15. Hi Sophie-

    Love your lush garden. Must be all that rain, just like Oregon..
    We are waiting for the Strawberries to ripen and the Pea Pods, those are my faves!!


  16. You have some really nice Dads, but I bet you know that. My Toby LOVES any kind of vegetable or fruit, with green beans right up there with brocolli! Me? Not so much.

  17. Miss Sophie--
    Thank you for the visit on our blog in regards to our beautiful Josie--
    Your words were comforting,
    IzZY, TriXie and Anakin Man

  18. Sophie I think you feel the same way about your green beans that my dogs do about the blackberries--It's a race to see who's going to get more!

    I hope you're having a good weekend!!

  19. YOu are a good dog, Sophie. And I'm sure green beans are good for you!

  20. That's wonderful what Jim and his siblings do for Pop. Pop's very lucky to have such a caring family! :D

    Your garden is just lovely Sophie! Full of color, wild yet tamed, and so many different things to look at! Thanks for sharing!

    Waggin at ya,

  21. Can I have some green beans, please?

  22. Hey Sophie - green beans are my favorite too! I'm so glad that Pops is doing better - your Daddy Jim is such a great guy for helping to take care of Pops. I know what that is like - I have been there with both my parents.

    Keep smilin Sophie - you are so adorable!



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