Thursday, June 2, 2011

The Sun Shone!

 The other evening as we readied for supper, look what came streaming in the window!
 Now the magnolias can open up....
 The bloodgood maples leaves can glow in the evening sky...
 and I can check out the nursery beds for coffee grinds to me my grinds!
 See...there they are...all dark and smelling good!
This is between you and me,
cos I get shewed away every time I start devouring them.
 Still following me I hope...
this is a miniature hosta growing on a rock
with a clematis entwined on the wrought iron rail.
Cool colour, eh!
 This path leads me back to the house where I can sit and look out the window again.
Anytime of day you'll find me here in the side window
checking out the vet's visitors.
Today was special because no one was wet,
just drenched in the sun's rays!