Saturday, October 5, 2013


We have returned to Birch Cove
which I visited the first time here.

Fetching and me
go hand and paw
as I trot into the warm lake waters.

But the best thing is, someone has built a long, long dock
here for me.

 Docks are so different 
in this case 
a steady one
but I wasn't going to step off and go completely under.

So I did what was familiar and natural for me.

Bull's eye,
as usual.

But something seemed a bit different with the guys today.

They kept saying "Go ahead, Sophie, jump in and get Mr. O before he floats away !"

No way was I doing that !

The shallow entry point is here, you guys !

See, this is what I'm used to.
Not going to embarrass myself
by leaping into that water 
and getting my blond high-lights wet.

(click on You Tube if you want to view in a larger format)

I did it !
Have a look and bear with me on the 2nd try !
Some girl's take a little longer.

So as you can see 
I'm a convert
with a bit more practice
I'll be doing 
cannonballs and swan dives.

Don't believe me do you ! ? !