Sunday, October 20, 2013


Last week 
was an unexpected period of

Family visitor's, 
one's that I only knew when Ron was on the phone talking to them
entered my life and shared themselves.

 I only saw it fit to share my world with them
along the shores of Stony Beach.

Taking advantage of the beaches
is No. 1 on their list
because they live many miles (kms) away
in Alberta.

One sojourn had us snooping about the Halifax waterfront
and Ron and I waited patiently for his brother, Mike and SIL Susan 
while they milled about the market inside the building
which I might add is off limits to you know who.

I really like Mike 
so I began my relentless gift
of bringing Mike into my arena, my fold 
with my miraculous staring technique.

Do you think it's working?
I do because Mike is getting ready to put a big wet one on me.
Really he is !!

I miss them so much !