Saturday, October 26, 2013


History on two accounts is fueling the fire today.
1st ~ The French Cross behind me was erected 
to mark the spot of
( this is the exact spot )

2nd ~ My stance ~~~ reminds my Dads of 

all of this in one photo !!

Needless to say the guys were all over the French Cross taking pictures
while I met this "Ol' Yeller" feller.

Noses were top of the list, pronto !

and man oh man this one smelled like cow manure.
Check out my reaction.

My senses began to tingle like SPIDEYDOODLE !!

PHEW ~~~ what is it with male farm doggies
don't they know they need to wash up before they go accourting?

The cows as usual were totally bored.

But I can assure you
I had a DOODLE of a time 
with my new stinky friend
in the land of history.