Thursday, October 17, 2013


Life in our world
in Red Raw
 every colour of the warm side of the rainbow
is surrounding us 
in this case on 
the Raw setting of the camera.

Practice, sampling, fine tuning and 'nope that doesn't work' and 'that's just fine' !

I am still sniffing my way along the trails
along the blazing colourful paths
that will soon be quietened 
to a darker hue
a soften whiter presence
in a few weeks time.

So soaking up nature this time of year
is always more than a treat
it's a sensual feast of the colour spectrum.

The last few trees splatter the yellows
so familiar in other parts of the country
and continent
as Jim nears the car.

Hey, Jim!
Wait up !
Don't go too quickly.
I love this place
just smell those pine needles.