Saturday, February 15, 2014


The wind is fierce today folks
so we knew we had to go to the beach!
Rounding the corner heading to Lawrencetown Beach
we knew that our visit would be a special one
out of the car
up over the grassy dunes
onto the rocky shore
as close as we dare
the beach felt deserted
as the surf churned wave after wave
and yes I was on my Doodle mission to sniff out anything
after the shoreline was literally pounded with this wave action
I did however miss this
Ron told me after the walk
that he came upon this seagull
which must have been overtaken
by nature's upset
yet across the street from the parking lot
were these birders
very focussed on what I thought were these crows
(seemed strange indeed)

I looked back across the street
for one last look at the surf

and there s/he was
an adolescent Snowy Owl

 by that time
the place was filling with birders
and the owl decided things were getting a little too close

so up high on top of a telephone pole s/he rousted
(I'm sure thinking that people can be very odd at times)

Today was the full spectrum of
Life & Death
even though I was shielded from the latter.

That's OK folks!
I've come across the remains of critters before
and am totally fine with that!