Monday, July 18, 2011

Just About a PERFECT Day, I'd say!

This greeted us at the beach today!
 The wind was off the land and held the spray long enough for it to trail quite far behind the wave.
 Just call me fearless....
with my fetching moment.
 These water spout waves caused by 2 waves slamming into each other were continual.
These peeps were watching the waves and the birds hanging overhead.
 There was so much to see and do as you can see.
 This view is from the top of the hill of the first picture. 
Surfers were enjoying this, just as much as I was.
After all that, I needed a swim just to cool off and relax.
The water becomes more relaxed as you venture around the corner of the river.
So, I slipped in and stretched my web feet and had a good lazy dog paddle.