Thursday, July 14, 2011

My Style of Surfing the Waves

From a distance Ron and I look mighty small.
He's checking out my latest hole wondering if I will ever reach the bottom.
With the full moon in full swing, the waves are developing very nicely.
How do you like the balancing act!
The water is relatively warm for this time of year in Atlantic Canada.
So that means I can stay in longer.
My lack of fear of big waves is obvious.
Peek-a-boo is one game I enjoyed as a puppy,
Once in awhile the moment pops up and triggers the old response....
"I see you".
I really love body surfing on the white waters.
I hold my own....
and just lift my head when the waves crash in front of me.
I whip around and head back out to retrieve another thrown ball,
sometimes swimming in faster than the wave behind me.
Someone's going to all wet...
'cos I just soaked up the Atlantic just like a sponge.
We go up the hill after my surfing session to sit and to watch the human surfers below.
Maybe next time I should try one of those boards that they use.
What do you think?


Today's photos brought to you by

Daddy Jim!