Sunday, July 17, 2011

Before & After

Does one's tongue get bigger when they gets a haircut?
Is it just an optical illusion
perpetrated by
 the Doodle Snippers of the World?

~~~~~Seems like mine is a wee bit larger~~~~~

I've been told that it ain't true
peeps say things like that when they tease you
after getting your hair sheared off.


I love the velvet feel of my chocolatey coat,
but the blond tips gots a bit
Oh well, I have another 6 months 
for it all to grow back in
look so 
Veronica Lake 

I wanted to show to you
my newest 
Boxer friend
12 weeks old
a real sweetheart.
We met at the park
after my haircut session.
Guess who snuggled up
to each other?
Would it be Ron and me?!


  1. Hey Sophie!
    Wow, you look great! Good cut. I think your long whispies have a casual, romantic look and now you have a more neat, chic style. Lucky girl...both are fabulous Dahlingk! Your furiend looks like a lot of fun.
    Grr and Woof,
    Sarge, COP

  2. Sophie, you look delightfully cool, in your new summer hair-do! :-)


  3. Love the haircut Sophie -you still have lots of blond bits and you can see properly now -the puppy`s a real poppet !

  4. I can't decide, do I like the way you look before, or after. The answer is really quite easy, I like you both ways, Miss Sophie. That little boxer put is really a cutie. I hope that you meet him again, so that we can watch him grow up.

  5. Hi Sophie!! I left a comment yesterday but I don't see it...I hope you saw it, because I've come back to see how you did since you've gotten your makeover--I think you're gorgeous with or without highlights! And that picture did make your tongue look big...

  6. Now we can see your pretty face better Sophie!

  7. You look lovely with your new do! Cute little friend too!

  8. You've got that nice carpety look now, Sophie!

  9. Great "do"! You will dry off so much quicker after a swim! Don't you feel lighter, like you can run faster?

    You look really nice, Sophie!

  10. Gotsta love those dark sultry eyes with those highlights. No wonder all the friends you meet love you. They are mesmerized.

    And it helps to have some friendly humans too.

  11. I love your looks both before and after! I like how you meet so many new friends and are so gracious to all. Your an ambassador for Peace and Friendship! Such a Sweetie!

  12. Your haircut looks fabulous, Sophie, but you're pretty no matter what!

    I love that last picture of you and Ron! You both look so happy!


  13. We think it's an when they say you had your ears lowered after a haircut. But you still look beautiful and we can see your blond hair.

    You'll have to show Rahllo all the beaches and how to dig, and how to retrieve Mr Orangy.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Kendra & Bella

  14. Your new do looks beautiful, Sophie! I got a hairecut today too! I gotta go check my tongue.

    Love ya lots,

  15. I don't which I prefer, the mussy or trim Sophie? Guess I just love them both! You must feel cooler for the summer with you new doo.
    Your new boxer friend is really cute.
    Hope you run into him often.

  16. Love the new cut. It's very butch! Not everyone can pull that look off and still be a lady. m.

  17. You look gorgeous, Sophie! I love your chocolate look... but, of course, I'm partial to chocolate!

    I think that your new friend is very cute!

  18. Hi Sophie, My Vickie and I have jsut spent the last half hour going over your past blogs. You are beautiful with or without your hair cut. And your dads take you to some really great places and boy oh boy do we love the photos.

    So glad we found you


  19. Sophie, I thinks you are so beautifuls in your new fur style! WOOFS! ~Oscar


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