Sunday, July 10, 2011

~~~^^^^~~Flying Sand~~^^^^~~~

 Can you touch your nose with your tongue?
I digress.....!
 So, Martinique Beach really has "the" sand appeal.....
 See, I can lunge onto Mr. Orangie with the "2 paw spread-toed" dive
 always covering it with tons of sand.
Even if I hear...."Come on Sophie, bring it back"...
 my super quick capturing technique is immediately implemented.
Sometimes the sand partially covers me and my "beautious" look is totally obscured.
Other times I nose dive with a small burst of sand quickly settling.
 I return, in a split second, Mr. Orangie to Jim expecting another beeline/bull's eye manoeuver.
 Jim is pretty good to me and always gives me a pat on the back for good listening and attentiveness.
Satisfaction comes in many forms.
As we saunter down the beach,
we both know how good we feel 
and how much we have enjoyed
another visit to
Martinique Beach.
(anyone seen, my guy Friday?)

Some peeps have wondered why the beach seems deserted.

Well, a couple reasons deter the hordes
(which is a good thing in my books)

1. Distance from the hour plus for some...
2. Fog banks mean coolness...
3. Weekdays vs weekends....we go in the middle of the week...guaranteed to have the beach to yourself...
4. Other beaches are closer to the city on the South Shore so quick access...
5. Weather can be fickle...sunny and bright at the turn off for the beach/park and overcast by the time you drive the 12 kms to the park never knows what to expect....the South Shore main highway is only a couple kms from the beaches.
6. Eastern Shore of Nova Scotia isn't promoted as much as it could be...lots of pristine water views which peeps are just not aware of.
7. We don't have a huge population so there are only so many peeps who can visit our 3000 beaches. Oh, did I say that! You can have your very own beach to yourself in Nova that should entice you to come see me.