Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Abby ~~~ Eager to Learn!

 Summer has hit us full force with super high humidity and temperatures.
 So to escape the uncomfortable heat we bee-lined it to the river that empties into the ocean.
It's only 5 minutes away by car, so when we decide to go, we are there before you know it.
 I met Abby, a year old Greyhound/Lab mix, who was full of vim and vigour. 
She is a rescue dog found at 6 months of age in a grocery store parking lot.
One ear is 'down for good' due to mistreatment, you'll see below.
So with that we greeted and the game was on.
 I started immediately teaching Abby "who's the boss" especially with Mr. Orangie involved.
 Abby said, I have my own Mr. Fuzzy Wuzzy so let's see what comes of this.
 Up and down the beach we tore and Abby was a real trooper.
 This is how you dig a hole, Abby. Come on try it!
 Now... don't you dare touch my ball.
"I hear ya, Sophie".... was all I heard for the whole training session.
To the other side of the expanse to cool off we can just see my head by the water.
Ron is so patient with me....must thank him when I get home.
He responds well to snuggles and licks.