Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Lone Red Sail......

 A refreshing swim in the Northwest Arm, off Point Pleasant Park, again.
 The sailboats were out in full swing today....this one had a nice lean to it.
 I saw this lone red sail which obviously stood out among all the white sails.
 These little fellers reminded Jim of little pieces of seaglass.
 This optical illusion makes it seem like no one is paying any attention to their space.
 I watched with trepidation.
 More boats kept coming by, at phenomenal speed and tacking dexterity...
 It truly was a beautiful day for all those lucky people out on the water.
This boat just didn't seem to fit in....they were looking for people to join a huge party.
Guess dogs weren't on the guest list.
This water really has been cleaned up in the passed few years.
I really wouldn't want to describe what used to be floating here.
The guys let me swim now because they know how much time and money
has gone into cleaning up the harbour.
Thank you City of Halifax for putting the harbour first.