Sunday, July 3, 2011

Pure Heaven...My Beach!

 As I said in my previous post....I have a very strong and reliable sniffer 
and it was important to find this view and show it to you.
 My routine hasn't changed an iota.
 Catch a throw from Dad 
 then head for the waves
 to cool off and reinvigorate myself
 chase a seagull
great shot...split second timing
 I'm always ready for Mr. Orangie just like Sierra Rose (click and see)
 So with all the excitement and pure energy...
I am ready to toddle off to the car for my return to my garden paradise. 
Such is my sweet life this weekend...
I trust yours is just as fulfilling.
Dad wanted to show you what I would look like if the fog had stayed.
He loves to play with photo editing and so if it keeps him happy
and if it's at my be it.
I end up at he beach far more often that way.
Winkers to Everyone!