Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Beauty and the beast!

Hi Ho!
 My Lovelies!

 Hope I didn't give you a fright...mwahahahah!
 Some times a girl just has to get down and get dirty!
Do you like my mud pack?
They say it's good for the skin and nose!
 Digging holes is my specialty and when I have supervision...man...I dig!
 and dig...
 and dig....
and dig!
 Some peeps were worried about me getting too much sand in my fur or even in my eyes...
well...one can never have enough from my view.
As you can see, I am always in the rinse mode as soon as I reach China!
~~~Off to the ocean for a dunk, a good cooling off and de-sanding~~~
The car is well-prepared for my onslaught
with blankies and towels,
never can have enough of those,
besides the guys have got my back, for that matter my whole body!
Hope I've put your worries to rest 
or at least at ease.
Must finish off this hole,
I just know there's something down there!