Tuesday, July 19, 2011

" I'm out of Control " !

click> JAWS theme music as I slowly maneuver into shore!
 OMD...I'm gonna git you!
Hello...it's just me with my new haircut and "I'm out of control Jerry, I'm out of control"! < click see at 1:10
Now, without certain, you can see the Labrador in me, right!


  1. WOW! this is a story for National Geographic! I never saw a shark fetching an orange ball, before!

    Happy, Waggin' Tails, FUREVER!
    Stumpy and me

  2. oh yeah...you go Sophie....

  3. Another great morning with my cup of coffee, Sophie and her dad's beautiful photography. I'm pretty sure Seamus (the famous beagle) is getting jealous.

  4. BOL. Love all the references! Looks like a good time Sophie!

  5. A total make-over: From Shark to Labradog!!

    Rottie Kisses!!

  6. Everyone out of the water!!!!! Lab, poodle, doodle. All mixed together into one adorable dog.

  7. Sophie.. I'm jealous.. mummy doesn't let me swim in the Lake here, she says I'm gator bait!
    Gary x

  8. I wonder if swimming is a little easier with your new sleek cut? Yep, I see the lab!

  9. BOL...Sophie you are the best looking Shark out there!

  10. oh, miss sophie, you totally look stunningly labragal-ish with your new fur cut! teeheehee. how long does it take for your blondie highlights to come back?
    you are way more cutesies 'n much less scary than that jaws dude!! btw, my mama got a good giggle from the seinfeld clip. she totally hearts that show. :)

    the booker man

  11. Yes, I can see the lab in you both in the 1st photo and the last. I never really saw it before, except the love of water of course.

  12. You do look more labra than doodle now.......and a bit sea monsterish.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Kendra & Bella

    Do you hum the Jaws music when you're closing in on Mr Orangie?

  13. A hairecut always energizes us too, Sophie! You go girl!

    Love ya lots
    Maggie and Mitch

  14. Sophie, you are just too cute to be scary, but that was a pretty good try, I have to say!


  15. Just put a HUGE smile on my face!

  16. Our new Chucky puppy doesn't like water - yet... We aren't sure we want to introduce him to swimming - afraid he may never want to stop!

  17. Oh my goodness Sophie you are going to need a life jacket soon
    Benny & Lily

  18. Sophie for being a shark, your not scary lookiing at all.
    You must be "Sophie the Friendly Shark"

  19. I don't know Sophie - with a cute mug like that? Folks are going to be running, but not away from you but toward!

  20. Hi Y'all,

    Just catchin' up. It's too hot here to do anything but lay inside and nap. Wanted to let you know how neat your new hair cut is! Love it! Why, you could almost pass for a Chessie.

    Y'all come by now,
    Hawk aka BrownDog


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