Monday, July 11, 2011

Award Time...!

Many super duper thanks to Nanny McFur for bestowing this brightly coloured
award on my wee bit of a doggy bloggy.
I am so honoured to receive this bestowment.

To continue with the tradition of letting you know about 7 things in my Dad's life, 
He begins with...... 

1. Retirement has been part of his make up for the passed 3 years.

2. He has one brother who lives in the wilds of Alberta roping and steer wrestling for his livelihood (slight exaggeration).

3. As a child he always said that he would live near the ocean....near 3 beaches wasn't the plan but hey,  no complaints.

4. He was brought up by a single Mom and his grandmother because his Dad died in an airplane crash readying for the Korean War.

5. He has always had a dog in his life and Sophie is numero 4...that is Lucky number 4!

6. He was married the first day of spring 2009 after living common law since 1973.

7. Laughter is his medicine....solves all problems!


Passing this along is the next you peeps who receive this better continue with it....just kidding! want to laugh...well...Annie will help you with this. some Tweedles fun....It`s well worth the time spent my buddy. Benny and Lily are so cute and laughing at all kinds of situations. is one of them  bulldogs you just have to read and watch. out my look-a-like Oscar and laugh at his antics. and his family will have you laughing until the cows come home. with K and R living the high(in the mountains)`ll love it for sure! will keep you focused showing you his life since he was rescued at a very young age! will keep you in stitches and knowledgeable about life in the Annapolis Valley lives in`ve always wanted to live you can!

So enjoy these reads and if you feel like letting me know what you think that'll just be great.
All of those not mentioned....your time is coming....just you wait and see.