Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Water...my Life Force!

It's a pretty safe bet that I'll be in the water from now until next fall!

I wend my way along the water's edge so easily.

I'm pretty good at lifting my paws out of the water and carefully placing them back in 
as I survey the beach.

When the tide recedes it creates a bit of a drag
pulling me into the water beyond.

The waves are mighty today
however where I'm situated the ferocity of the water
is not as obvious.

See...my beach is not as wild as it is on the other side.

I took a small diversion hike up over the sand dune today
to see how much sand has disappeared this winter.
Many, many metres of sand have been gouged out and 
dragged into the ocean.

I do worry about my beloved beach and hope that next winter
isn't a tough one.

There are still paths to follow with lots of grass and evergreen trees.
Each year though this land is chewed up and spit out literally.
Well, I guess I'll make the best of my visits now.